Poet, Author, Filmmaker, Philanthropist, Activist

Poet, Author, Filmmaker, Philanthropist, Activist

Poet, Author, Filmmaker, Philanthropist, ActivistPoet, Author, Filmmaker, Philanthropist, Activist


Songs In Search Of A Voice


Songs In Search Of A Voice, my debut collection of poetry, was released in 2006. The book quickly amassed considerable critical acclaim and became an  international sensation, selling more than 20,000 copies in less than six months. Touching on such topics as police brutality, domestic violence (DV), child abuse, and the divisive racial legacy of America, Songs In Search Of A Voice continues to connect with and empower readers  from various backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures. 



The enticing confusion of young love...the harsh realities of the school-to-prison pipeline...the fears stoked by a controversial new President...a vast range of thoughts and feelings, all coming together to describe the collective life of America’s modern day youth. 

Join me and my daughter Hannah as we explore  the poetic depths of the tumultuous, often explosive years that  ultimately shape us all.  Whether  it’s acne, bullying, family, law enforcement, or anything in-between, it’s all captured right here, in a rich, timely, all too real #snapshot. 

All The Black Faces


The fathers. The teachers. The hustlers. The moguls. The storytellers. The trendsetters.

They built a nation on their knees, then carried it on their backs with style. They turned a forced separation into an unequaled legacy of achievement. They’ve nursed their oppressors’ children, bled for the flags of their masters, and transformed their pain into a centennial collage of conquered challenges.

From the barbershop to the board room, the back alley to the big screen, the liquor house to the White House, All The Black Faces celebrates the four-hundred-year evolution of American Black history and culture. 

Official Release Date: May 18, 2020